Our joy and desire is to provide resources, leadership and opportunities to help you and your family to be all that God wants them to be. Part of that is to provide opportunities for you to develop community with others who have needs, hopes, desires and dreams similar to yours.

9:30 AM Bible Fellowship Groups 
11:00 AM Contemporary WORSHIP

jeremy winters
campus pastor



$5 in Advance and $10 at the door. Register at the ministry gallery.

From Mafia to Drugs to Redemption

Guest Speaker Robert Borelli - an ex Gambino Crime Family member who has an incredible story of redemption.

Robert Borelli was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1954, in the middle of the Gambino Crime Family neighborhood. As a young boy he quickly built a reputation as a little tough guy. Surrounded by real tough guys he began working for The Gambino's by fourteen. By twenty he had two murder wraps and numerous arrests under his belt. He was being paraded around the neighborhood as the up and coming star of the feared Gambino Family, the same family which John Gotti would eventually bring into the main stream media and make a household name. 

ver the next twenty two years Robert fell hard into the mafioso lifestyle which involved money, crime and drug addiction. In 1997, as a forty-four year old man, he found himself in jail, looking to serve ten to twenty years. With over 130 criminal indictments against his name it was obvious he had become a career criminal. With no help from the Mob, or his friends life seemed hopeless.

ittle did he know his story had just begun. In jail Mr. Borelli found redemption and a second chance. He discovered truth, faith and purpose like nothing he had ever experienced before. With a new outlook, on life, for the first time he decided to do right instead of wrong, to love instead of hate, to serve instead of take. Mr. Borelli's story baffles the mind and intrigues the hearts of all who hear it. His passion and calling is to share his story as a preventive to those who are in similar situations, and encourage each of us to find the Truth about who we really are. 


We are so glad you have an interest in Mom to Mom. We meet two Mondays a month from 9:30-11:30 AM during the school year based on the BISD calendar.

 New semester begins on 1/22/18

Bible Fellowship Groups

Bible Fellowship Groups are the primary means of building community and finding friendships at Cross Church. Your group will help you grow in your faith as you are transformed by the power of God working in your life. Additionally, as you grow in your faith and develop relationships, you will have the chance to share your faith with others, connecting them to Christ. We hope that you feel "at home" with us. We can't wait to see what God will do.

A young adult group interested in building a strong sense of community. Our meetings will foster an environment of transparency and support as we study books of the Bible. Teaching style is interactive with some lecture. Life application of Bible studies will focus on early adult issues including building lifetime relationships, work-life balance, financial priorities, and parenting.  


A casual community of working age adults with (mostly) empty nests. The focus of the group is to stay rooted in God's Word to aid marriages, friendships, and community engagement. Teaching style is interactive with some lecture. 

Legacy Builders  (ADULTS 60S-70S)

A Bible study class for individuals 60 and up. There will be lecture and interaction with an emphasis on application to personal values, family, and work.